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What is a Neighborhood Plan?

It is a plan that addresses issues within a specified area of the city. Neighborhood plans guide for making future decisions about how the City should allocate resources in a particular area, what kinds of development activity is appropriate, and what issues residents and property owners are concerned about. Neighborhood plans generate frameworks of what the neighborhood wants to achieve and become, as well as layout a blueprint to reach those goals and objectives. Neighborhood plans can include different scales and range from neighborhoods, and large districts to corridors.

Why Algonquin, Park DuValle, and HallmarkCave Neighborhoods?

Louisville Metro’s Office of Advanced Planning has identified the Algonquin, Park DuValle, and Hallmark neighborhoods for further study.  The purpose of the small area plan is to guide growth for development and to promote neighborhood stabilization and revitalization. The planning process will help to identify community needs, opportunities, and other planning issues that, along with neighborhood input, will inform strategies for land use, community design, walkability, increased mobility and accessibility to alternative transportation, and healthy foods. The planning process will also identify opportunities for infill and redevelopment to enhance all three neighborhood’s sense of place.

Each of the neighborhoods and districts within the study area are historic assets with individual qualities that promote their respective authenticity. The COVID-19 pandemic has proven that it is vital to develop flexible visions for the future that guide growth and protect existing assets. This plan will serve to direct future growth in the area, make specific recommendations for future investments and adopt a unified vision while retaining and enhancing the individual identities that make each neighborhood or district unique.

Project Location

Algonquin, Park DuValle and Hallmark are adjacent neighborhoods in southwestern Jefferson County located between I-264 and 9th Street and immediately north of Shively. The study area includes parts of Metro Council Districts 1, 3, and 5 and is bounded by I-264 to the west, Woodland Ave and Hill to the north, Campground and Millers to the south, and Wilson to the east.

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