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The following questions are set up for you to rank the important priority of each objective within each goal. At the end of the survey, you will be asked to rank the goals themselves in order of priority. To refresh your memory on our goals and objectives for the Algonquin, Halllmark, Park Duvalle neighborhood, you can learn more about each mission by hovering over the ? icons below.
Mobility & Connectivity ?
Goal M1: Provide robust transit service and safe, visible, and accessible transit stops.
Objective M1.1: Balance bus service efficiency with the spacing of bus stops.
Objective M1.2: Provide higher frequency bus service during commuting hours to access goods and services outside the neighborhood.
Objective M1.3: Provide bus stop amenities for rider visibility and comfort.
Goal M2: Improve pedestrian and bicycle connectivity, accessibility, and safety.
Objective M2.1: Provide marked crossings paired with traffic calming and safety strategies near destinations that attract pedestrians.
Objective M2.2: Revitalize the existing sidewalk network with a focus on repair and maintenance, and connect sidewalks to create a continuous network that meets Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards.
Objective M2.3: Expand the bicycle network with safe, comfortable, and connected facilities.
Goal M3: Calm traffic and improve safety and comfort for all modes of transportation.
Objective M3.1: Implement traffic calming measures to reduce motor vehicle speeds and improve safety for vulnerable roadway users such as pedestrians and bicyclists.

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